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Located in Ashburn, VA Since 2006

Classic Drainage specializes in drainage, grading, erosion, and property services in Loudoun County, Virginia. Soggy yards, wet basements, and foundation problems are common throughout the The Northern Virginia area in both older homes and new builds. We have the experience, equipment, and proven methods to solve these problems efficiently and affordably. Our offices, shop, and storage yard is located in Ashburn, allowing us to offer timely estimates and installs to local customers. We look forward to helping you with your project.

"Fixed in Ashburn"

After having a landscaping co. and another drainage contractor, Classic Drainage finally found the source of our water problem and fixed it in 1 day. The price was comparable to the landscaping co., while the other drainage company quoted more than twice as much! I highly recommend Classic Drainage and they are located in Ashburn. T. Hanke, Ashburn, VA

"Very Professional Job"

Massive amounts of water from our downspouts and sump pump constantly putting out water made our backyard a swamp. Dogs paws just ridiculous with mud every day. Classic Drainage routed everything underground in what I consider a very professional job. Clearly they do this work constantly. I can be contacted anytime to give them a great review! Susan W., Ashburn, VA

"Fixed Walkout Stairs"

We contacted my contractors to fix our walkout basement flooding problems, with questionable expensive "fixes". A co-worker recommended Classic Drainage, which we hired. They fixed the large (I mean LARGE) sinkhole under our walkout staircase and installed a larger drain that wont get clogged with leaves during downpours. Everything is working great since spring 2011. Nick H., Ashburn, VA

Ashburn, VA Grading Causes Yard and Basement Problems

Properties and overall landscapes in Ashburn are challenged with controlling storm water runoff. It is not uncommon to find new properties graded at or below 1%. Proper grading is “key” to controlling runoff and keeping yards and basements dry. Classic Drainage can correct small grading problems to large scale grading projects in Ashburn, VA. Grading should always be first considered to avoid the expense of drainage systems and drainage systems maintenance.

Control Roof Runoff With Downspout Drainage in Loudoun County

One of our most common installations in Ashburn is downspout drainage (some call it “french drains”) to control the runoff from the house roof gutter system for preventative maintenance and runoff control. Controlling this runoff is important because it will keep water from getting into the basement, keep the yard from being saturated, mulch beds from being disrupted, and standing- ponding water in the yard. Our installation of downspout drainage in Ashburn always includes 4” (sometimes 6”) solid PVC drainage pipe and PVC fittings with glued bonding. We always install clean out access points where needed and the pipe exits are either open end – daylight or a drainage pop up emitter.

French Drains Solve Soil-Turf Problems in Ashburn, VA

We install French drains in Ashburn, VA. Problematic soils in Loudoun County will seem to hold water and never dry out, making any yard unusable and frustrating. Our French drain systems will solve the water retention problem by letting excess water “soak in” and travel to the exit. Our french drain systems are constructed to the same specs as engineers recommend; clean gravel, perforated drainage pipe, filter fabric, catch basins, positive surrounding grade, and finished with permeable soil-seed-straw, river rock, and sometimes sod.