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Sinkholes may occur along outside walls or in the lawn or garden. They can have various shapes and sizes and can grow or deepen either slowly or rapidly. In many cases, sinkholes can be repaired by the homeowner. Before any remediation work is done, the extent and cause of the sinkhole should be determined by calling Classic Drainage, Inc. for a free estimate and also roping off the area to prevent any injury to a person or animal.
Depressions often develop in yards. These depressions technically are not real sinkholes. True sinkholes are formed in areas with limestone rock and karst geology, which can be found elsewhere in Virginia, but not in our Northern Virginia region. However, water can burrow through loose layers of soil or poorly compacted areas to create underground voids. These voids can become so large that the soil and grass “roof” sinks or collapses to form large holes. Since most people commonly call them sinkholes, we will also.